Opto-mystic offers consulting in the design and development of optical systems, particularly systems that utilize Laser Diodes. While the Diode Laser has revolutionized the world of optics, their effective use can be confusing. Opto-mystic has consulted to various companies for over twenty years on Diode Laser systems design.  As a consultant, Opto-mystic can help your company utilize the wonderful Laser Diode optical source.

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Opto-mystic has participated in the development of these Diode Laser systems:

Oxygen Meter 

Vibrating Interferometer

Saw Mill Scanner 

SPR Gas Sensor 

Pointers and Aimers

Laboratory Laser System

X-ray Phosphor Scanner 

Holographically Scanned Printer 

Precision Collimator 

Doppler Anemometer 

Optical Encoder 

Wave Meter 

Humidity Meter 


Spectrum Analyzer 

Other projects Opto-mystic has participated in:

Electrostatic Printer-plotter

Infrared Radiometer 

  Opto-mystic offers consulting aimed at solving technological issues involved in the design and manufacturing of Diode Laser based systems.

To contact us with questions regarding Opto-mystic's services, please email us at info@optomystic.com



NRC Pneumatically Isolated Optical Table .....


NRC Optical Breadboard

80286, 80386 and 80486 Computers

Omega Thermocouple Thermometer

Various Diode Laser Systems

Fluke Thermocouple Thermometer

Aerotech, Spectra Physics He-Ne Lasers

Tana Digital Scale, .1 mg

Lambda Power Supply

Fluke Multimeter

IEC Function Generator

Dana, 6 digit Multimeter

TSI Hot Wire Anemometer

Oscilloscope Camera

Varian Chart Recorder

Tektronix Oscilloscope

Soltec Dual Channel Chart Recorder

Laser Beam Profiler

Precision Mercury Thermometer

Diode Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Olympus Microscope with Camera

1/20 l , 4" diameter, Optical Flat

CCD Camera with Near IR Capabilities

Ling Precision Vibrator

SMARTT, High NA Interferometer

Optical Power Meter

Mechanical Inspection Equipment




2001          , Nova Crystals, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, Optical Design, Technical Staff

1995-2001, Lumisys, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA Optical Design

1990-1994, Opto-mystic, Sunnyvale, CA. Optical Design, Diode Laser Products, Instrument Design

1984-1990, Synergy Computer Graphics Corp., Sunnyvale, CA, Optical Engineering, Scientist.

1983-1984, Diolite Company, Sunnyvale, CA, Turnkey Diode Laser System

1980-1984, Benson Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, Optical Engineering

1978-1980, Molectron Corp., Sunnyvale, CA, Laser and Optical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering

1976-1977, Raytek, Mt. View, CA, Design Engineering

1975-1976, Noctua Inc., Belmont, CA, Optical Engineering


Iowa State University

B.Sc.1973, Math (minor Physics)

University Of Houston

Masters Program EE (1974),




Board Member (1983-1986), President (1985-1986)



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To contact us with questions regarding Opto-mystic's services, please email us at info@optomystic.com

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